Nightingale by Health Care Originals

Health Care Originals, Inc. (HCO) is headquartered in Rochester, NY. Most of our team has respiratory conditions, or family with respiratory conditions. So, we understand that medication alone is not enough. We all need help, advice, and better understanding of how to take control. That’s why we provide Nightingale Virtual Respiratory Care. Our Therapists and Life Coaches are your partners in this.

Don’t understand your symptoms? Join many others who use our wearable lung tracker, ADAMM to understand better.

Can’t remember to take your meds? Our app helps with that.

Don’t like all this digital fancy stuff? We’re good with that – we have traditional devices, and our team always speaks non-digital.

Don’t understand your doctors when they speak about your condition? We can answer any question, and we speak in every day language, so everyone understands.

Want to save some money on rescue meds and doctor’s visits? We definitely help with that!

Don’t understand your meds or why you’re having attacks/flare-ups? Our Respiratory Therapists help with that.

Feel like your asthma or COPD is in control of you so your life is limited? Our Respiratory Therapists and Life Coaches help with that.

Want help quitting smoking? Our Life Coaches help with that.

Feel like your asthma or COPD holds you back from doing what you want? We help you get back on track.

Anything bothering you that’s not on this list? Drop us a line.

Our Why

Our Co-Founder, Sharon Samjitsingh, has had asthma from birth, and has had many near-death experiences because of it. Through Health Care Originals (HCO), she and her husband Jared have made revolutionizing management of chronic respiratory disease their life’s mission.

We believe respiratory conditions are under-served, and the number of people with respiratory conditions will continue to accelerate past the >500 million people who currently have them, as we deal with the impacts of climate change on health. More needs to be done to understand how best to adapt medications and treatment regimens to the individual, so that they can live their best life, and their caregivers can enjoy peace of mind and freedom, knowing that their loved ones have the tools at their disposal to understand and manage their conditions.

HCO is proud to work with others as we impact the entire care cycle – enabling diversity, inclusion and Real World Evidence through our ADAMM-RSM service for clinical trials, all the way to helping those with asthma and COPD live their best life through our Nightingale Services.