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Getting your Asthma or COPD under control has never been easier. The ADAMM wearable device is a sleek, comfortable pad that monitors your lung sounds just like a doctor does when they listen to your chest. From there, it sends the information to the mobile app and allows your respiratory therapist to learn your unique patterns and give you signals in advance of flare-ups! Our expert respiratory therapists help you with tips and personalized health guidance during 1:1 sessions, and our mobile app helps you track your medications, symptoms, and cues. Compare features of our available plans to find the perfect fit for your needs. Start your free trial now!


Kick-Off Session with Respiratory Therapist

Mobile Symptom & Medication Tracking App

Devices: 1) ADAMM wearable

2) AeroChamber 

Monthly Lung Monitoring 

Coaching Session

Two 15-minute Respiratory Therapy Sessions / Month

Two 30-minute Respiratory  Therapy Sessions / Month

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1st Month Free!

AeroChamber Only



1st Month Free!



1st Month Free!



1st Month Free!

The ADAMM wearable and any other device that you’ve added to your plan (e.g. peak flow meter or Aerobika) will only ship after you’ve proceeded with the plan beyond the 30-day free trial period.