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Access to a dedicated Respiratory Therapist, Certified Asthma Educator and/or a Life Coach on your schedule. Ask all the questions you want when you want about your respiratory condition. Talk to someone about symptoms you don’t understand. Get coaching on life issues – whether or not you think they affect your respiratory condition, it’s all related! Leave notes in the app for them between chats, and they’ll respond, or you can just leave it as a reminder to talk about next time!

Denise Gosselin

Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Asthma Educator

As a young girl, Denise always wanted to be a teacher. At the age of 14, she was hospitalized for her asthma. This was when she met Respiratory Therapists and that was a turning point for her. She felt so much better after that admission, that she decided she wanted to become a Respiratory Therapist to help other people breathe easier. After graduating from Northeastern University’s Respiratory Therapy program in Boston, MA, she began her career in acute care at a community hospital then onto a Boston teaching hospital. She also spent a year in home care helping patients remain in their homes.

After earning a BS degree in Health Education at Curry College in Milton, MA, she found her niche teaching patients, their families, and colleagues on respiratory conditions. For more than two decades, she has worked combining her passions for teaching and respiratory therapy. She is a Certified Asthma Educator as well as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and is excited to bring her experience and help others with Health Care Originals.

H&W Coaches

Health and Wellness Coach

Our coaches have been promoting health and wellness for many years. They have been working with clients wanting to make positive changes in their well-being. Some of the areas that clients choose to work on include:

  • Eating healthy food
  • Exercising
  • Increasing energy and vitality
  • Normalizing weight
  • Improving health as indicated by blood pressure, cholesterol, and other measures
  • Managing stress, creating resilience
  • Developing social support
  • Having joy, gratitude

Our Coaches help the clients to identify and draw upon their strengths, values, and support networks, so they may successfully meet their wellness goals.

Our Coaches are experienced and cover a wide range of specialities.