Control Asthma & COPD while regaining control over Client Healthcare costs.

Nightingale pairs cutting-edge technology and personalized care for a  3 – 5X ROI per employee. Empower clients with our efficient solution that enhances employee well-being while delivering unparalleled cost-efficiency.

Asthma & COPD are Common, Costly, and Not Well Controlled




COPD Office Visits


Asthma Attacks

Each Day in the US

Give Your Clients a Reason to Expand their Respiratory Care with



Per Employee

By giving Employees Access to

  • ADAMM Wearable Symptom Tracker
  • Data-Driven Virtual Respiratory Therapy
  • In-App Personalized Education

The Nightingale Difference


Early Detection

ADAMM allows for constant monitoring of respiratory health, enabling early detection of potential problems, resulting in reduced healthcare costs and fewer sick days for employees


Cost-Effective Health Care

The proactive nature of Nightingale can help prevent costly emergency room visits or hospital admissions by alerting users to issues before they become serious.


Increased Employee Engagement

By using Nightingale’s in-app features like symptom tracking, therapist messaging, and virtual sessions, employees stay actively engaged in their healthcare


Personalized Care Made Accessible

Virtual care and respiratory therapy sessions mean that employees can access this service no matter where they are located.

Nightingale and ADAMM Allow For Clinically Effective Respiratory Care

Nightingale’s smart wearable lung tracker is a groundbreaking solution, unlike anything your clients have seen before. By transforming breath data into actionable advice, it revolutionizes the management of Asthma and COPD, elevating the value of your clients’ benefits package.

A Personal Story

“I have had asthma since I was a child, and have almost died from asthma attacks many times. My parents were worried that they didn’t know what was going on, so my activities were severely limited. As a child, I remember not understanding why, wanting to be able to do more but being afraid to.

As an adult with asthma, even though I thought I was well controlled, I often didn’t understand my symptoms because I was so used to them, and life is so busy, I often didn’t stop to take care of them until it was too late. I can also now understand the toll this takes not just on me, but all my loved ones.

ADAMM changed all of that for me – I know what’s normal symptom levels for me, and when I’m moving away from my personal baseline, so I can take steps to reduce impacts. It takes away almost all of the boredom of my daily log, and so saves me time. It’s a system that could have helped my parents be less afraid and helped me and my loved ones live a bigger, fuller life with freedom from constant worrying. That vision of a big, full life coupled with peace of mind for all is why we do what we do at HCO.”