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Participate in Nightingale Virtual Respiratory Care for up to 12 months!

We provide for you in the FLY package:

  1. Your own Respiratory Therapist – 20 minutes/month

You get virtual care and support with a dedicated Respiratory Therapist. Respiratory Therapists are specially trained healthcare professionals who help treat and restore function for patients with airway and breathing problems – people just like you.

Why would you need a Respiratory Therapist? Most of us have not received enough information about how to live well with asthma and COPD. According to the CDC, with the right know-how you can be in control of your asthma or COPD, so your life is not limited by it. Our Respiratory Therapists show you how, giving personal guidance to address your unique symptoms and circumstances.

  1. Your own Wellness Coach – 20 minutes/month

You also get your own virtual Wellness Coach. Asthma and COPD symptoms can get worse in certain situations when there’s stress, smoking, or other things that are bothering you. Our Wellness Coaches can help you stop smoking, learn new ways to deal with stress and address other issues that may be impacting your health.

  1. A spacer

Spacers work with most inhalers to ensure you get your medication into your lungs, not your mouth. If you’ve ever felt your inhalers in your mouth, then you need a spacer. And it makes a huge difference, all of our members agree.

  1. Our app

One place to store your medications, get reminders, jot notes down for your care team and see how you’re doing over time

  1. ADAMM Lung Tracker

(See note on when in your journey that we will ship ADAMM to you)

ADAMM is a small elegant device that is also flexible and comfortable, so you don’t feel it when you’re wearing it.  You stick it on with medical grade adhesives.

While you’re wearing it, ADAMM tracks health parameters of interest to you, and transfers data via Bluetooth to your mobile device, or via Wi-Fi to your designated cloud. Use our friendly app to see all your data from ADAMM at a glance, so you understand what’s going on.

ADAMM is the only device that measures significant health parameters for asthma and COPD as you go about your daily life – all you need to do is put it on!

ADAMM captures Cough, Respiration Rate, Activity Level, Heart Rate and Skin Temperature.

Understand what impacts you on an ongoing basis. For the first time, unparalleled access to your unique health parameter trends.

Note: The ADAMM Lung Tracker is not shipped to you right away. First, we get to know you, set goals, ensure you’re okay to use the app and then we send you the ADAMM Lung Tracker. More details in Description section.

  1. Dedicated text tips

We take you on a fun journey of text tips – interspersing education with trivia and personalized feedback.

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There’s no cure for asthma and COPD, so Nightingale surrounds you with all the tools you need to live well – without us. That’s why we’ve set up a 1-year program to help you master your condition, and then if you don’t need us, we’ll be the happiest team in the world, because it will mean we helped you.

In the first month we start off at your pace even if it means spending more time with you. We will move at your pace, and as you choose – if you wish to go faster or slower, just let us know.

Learn what onset symptoms are (hint: it is not wheezing for everyone), techniques for breathing, coping mechanisms, and much more. We start off by understanding what you are like now. Then we keep you engaged along a plan that suits you, encouraging you, holding you accountable – you’ve got to have some responsibility also! – and supporting you.

ADAMM is a great tool for you to learn about yourself and then using the Respiratory Therapists to understand better what it is telling you. Our Respiratory Therapists are specially trained to help you get the most out of your experience with ADAMM. ADAMM is not a standard wearable, but is built as a medical device, which means you have to take a few extra steps in setup to really guard your privacy and ensure things are accurate. So, our support staff is there for you every step of the way to ensure you have the best experience.

The little things count: we try our best to have you work with the same therapists throughout, if you can benefit from more advanced techniques we let you know. Maybe you’re trying your best, we can see that, yet things are not working out – we give you the information to take to your doctor because sometimes your doctor may need to make changes.

The added benefit of giving you access to a Respiratory Therapist and a Wellness Coach on your schedule is that you get to ask all the questions you want when you want about your respiratory condition. Talk to someone about symptoms you don’t understand. Get coaching on life issues – whether or not you think they affect your respiratory condition, it’s all related! Leave notes in the app for them between chats, and they’ll respond, or you can just leave it as a reminder to talk about next time!

Sometimes being part of something bigger helps so we run a closed Facebook Group just for you – a safe space to see all our tips at a glance, for you to share your experiences, connect with those going through the same thing and for you to leave us your feedback and suggestions. Of course, joining is optional.

This package is best experienced if you have a smart phone with internet access. We use a mixture of texting, voice calls, video calls (optional) and our symptom tracking app based on what you prefer.



  • Set up with your Respiratory Therapist (RT) and Wellness Coach
  • They will get to know you and understand how to tailor the best plan to suit your needs. Don’t worry if you exceed your allotted time during this period.

  • Continue regular sessions with your RT and Coach.
  • Install our app, start to use it, discuss with your RT.
  • If your package included ADAMM, begin preparing and learning how to use it.

  • Continue regular sessions with your RT and Coach.
  • Continue to use the app.
  • Start and continue using ADAMM! Your RT will assist you in getting the most from your data.