What’s Included with a Nightingale Subscription?

  • Personal Virtual Coaching

  • Individual, Unique Devices

  • Unparalleled Symptom Insight

  • Personalized Tips

  • Community Support

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Personal Virtual Coaching

Access to a dedicated Respiratory Therapist, Certified Asthma Educator or Life Coach as you choose and on your schedule. Ask all the questions you want when you want about your respiratory condition. Talk to someone about symptoms you don’t understand. Get coaching on life issues – whether or not you think they affect your respiratory condition, it’s all related! Leave notes in the app for them between chats, and they’ll respond, or you can just leave it as a reminder to talk about next time!

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Individualized Unique Devices

Each Nightingale Program provides you with unique devices for monitoring and improving your respiratory health.

ADAMM: A small flexible device that adheres to your torso with medical grade adhesives. Wirelessly monitors symptoms of interest to you, and transfers data via Bluetooth to the the users’ device, or Wi-Fi to your designated cloud.

The program also includes a suite of other products.

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Unparalleled Symptom Insight

Nightingale’s apps and website portal allows you to track all of your symptom levels in one place. You can see dashboards, trends, make notes and voice journals. Apps interact seamlessly with the ADAMM device, and allow you to enter data from other devices.

At last, a comprehensive data set showing what’s going on with your symptoms from day to day. You and your respiratory therapist can discuss these data points, symptom levels and develop strategies to help if anything seems out of control


Personalized Tips

Respiratory Therapists leave notes for you in the app or web portal based on their review of any symptom data you have shared. You can also opt in to receive little tips and living guides via text message. Tips that help you where you are in your journey, personalized to you, based on your data.

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Community Support

We run a closed Facebook Group just for you – a safe space to see all our tips at a glance, for you to share your experiences, connect with those going through the same thing and leave us your feedback and suggestions. Of course, joining is optional.

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We'll help you by adding little things that can make a tremendous impact, customized to your lifestyle, empowering you to enjoy life more.

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