My Asthma is My Business: I Choose When to Share.

For as long as I can remember, it’s been kind of obvious that I have asthma. I’ve always had to carry a bag, because I need someplace to store my inhaler and spacer. If I had to run or rapidly go up a flight of stairs, I’d wheeze. It always felt like there was no way to hide my condition. It’s not that I’m ashamed of it, just that I did not want asthma to define me constantly. If you have asthma, you know what I mean.

When we were designing ADAMM, we had a few basic guiding principles:

  • we wanted the wearable to be discreet, not another way for the person with asthma to advertise their condition
  • we wanted to take real measurements, not make inferences or do a lot of calculations
  • sensors we used had to be insensitive to skin pigmentation and
  • we wanted hyper-personalized symptom data – we would monitor your asthma symptoms, and only yours, not mixed up with the people around you


Those guiding principles gave us ADAMM – the unique, discreet, comfortable and extremely personal asthma monitor:The first of its kind in the world!

Worn under the clothing so that you choose whether you tell someone you’re monitoring your asthma symptoms.

Helping you to understand your unique symptom levels.

Born out of a real desire to keep my asthma my business, and I choose who gets to see what’s happening with me. Now, with ADAMM monitoring your symptoms discreetly, your asthma is only your business. You control who sees your data.

That’s empowering.

Share your story – did you have smart ways to carry around your inhaler and spacer?

Nightingale is a Respiratory Therapy service that provides you with daily tips and reminders, one-on-one coaching with respiratory therapists, and an award-winning wearable, ADAMM, that measures your symptoms of asthma to help you and your therapist recognize trends and triggers. In contrast with traditional, in-person consultations, Nightingale provides convenient at-home education with repeated, ongoing check-ins. For your child or for yourself, Nightingale is the way that those living with Asthma live their healthiest lives.

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